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**Disclaimer: The amount of the estimate is only accepted by Yeagers Consulting Co. upon review of the property disclosures and confirmation of the property age and square footage.**

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Do you think all home inspectors are the same?

The reality is that many home inspectors only have a general knowledge of the components of a home and how they work together. They are generalists by trade. That's not to say that they're clueless. They may be very knowledgeable of the theory.

I have actually built and remodeled homes for over 30 years!

This stuff isn't theory to me. I know building science. I have actually put the pieces together. I've even designed homes!

But how can you tell the difference between a good inspector and a bad one?

  • Certification? All home inspectors have to be certified. It's the law in most states. InterNACHI and ASHI certifications are the most common that you'll find.
  • Insurance? Most service businesses have to have multiple types of insurance. That's the law too. Look for General Liability and Professional Liability at least.
  • Realtor recommendation? Who benefits from this arrangement? The chance of a conflict of interest is pretty high. Sometimes they're just drawing from a list of people that the brokerage has provided.
  • Lowest price? We all know that the lowest price isn't necessarily a bargain. If things get missed, who winds up paying the price?
That's not to say that these things aren't important, but they shouldn't form the basis of your decision. Even a person who offers a wide range of inspection services isn't necessarily the best option. You want someone who knows houses inside and out and that's harder to find. 

You want to:

Buy The Home Of Your Dreams Without Wondering What Issues Might Be Lurking Within The House

Even though I had a successful contracting business, I had always assumed home inspectors had some arcane knowledge that I didn't. When I signed the purchase agreement for my first house, I started looking for one in the same way I normally screened subcontractors. What I discovered surprised me...

I knew more about houses than any of them did!

I had learned building science while working on my engineering degree which had given me several advantages as a contractor. Home inspectors also learn rudimentary building science, but I had another advantage. I had actually put the pieces together and knew how everything worked together.

Another problem I saw when looking for a home inspector was that most of them gave a big list of all the services they offered but had no guidance on what I would actually need. After digging in to it a little bit I found out I didn't need most of it!

What you get from a
Yeagers Consulting
home inspection

  • Home Inspection Report: Easy to understand and free from jargon. We also color code our findings so it's easy to tell what is important and what is just general information,
  • InterNACHI Standards of Practice: A written explanation of what is included in a basic home inspection. We always exceed the minimum requirements.
  • Glossary of Terms: Anything you may not understand is listed and explained to eliminate chances of misunderstanding.
  • Pre-Closing Inspection Form: This carbonless form helps you on your final walkthrough before closing. You go into your closing armed with the information you need if further negotiation is necessary.
  • Now That You've Had A Home Inspection book by InterNACHI: A comprehensive guide to all the components and systems that could be in your home and the maintenance required. Contains several helpful forms and additional resources. 
  • Custom Home Maintenance Log: When you close on a home we've inspected, you'll receive a maintenance log in a handy three-ring binder that contains:
  • Business Card Organizer: Keep track of everyone you work with pertaining to your home.
  • Zippered Envelope: Contain any small manuals, receipts, and so on.
  • General Information: Insurance, utility information, and more.
  • Phone List: Important names and numbers listing for things like local code enforcement and home warranty company.
  • Repair and Maintenance Service Record: Track everything that gets done to your home, by whom, when, and more.
  • Home Details: A comprehensive record of every component and room in your home. Have brands, models, serial numbers, paint colors, flooring, and so much more at your fingertips whenever you need them
  • Hardcopy and PDF Versions: Replace every page of your log whenever you need to with the click of a mouse.

You also get the best guarantee in the industry

InterNACHI’s "We'll Buy Your Home" Guarantee

If InterNACHI® determines that Yeagers Consulting missed a covered item which is something he/she should have identified and reported, InterNACHI® will buy your home back within 90 days of closing.

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

If InterNACHI® buys back your home, we'll refund twice the amount you paid for your inspection.

Plus get these cool bonuses!

Home Energy Report

Get information about the efficiency of the major systems in the home, and recommendations for improvements that can help reduce your energy bills while making your home more comfortable. We'll collect about 40 data points related to energy and use an advanced energy calculator to estimate the home's yearly energy usagepinpoint potential energy inefficienciesdevelop recommendations for energy improvements, and determine potential energy savings.

Member's Area with Secure Document Storage

Find useful information to prepare for moving, what to expect in your new home, and more. You'll also find a link to a secure portal where you'll find the pre-inspection agreement, your inspection report, and custom maintenance log pages. If you sign up for a free account with Encyro you'll also be able to use it to store all your sensitive documents as well as encrypted emailing.

Free Ebook

Discover what a basic home inspection really is and what it includes. Also find what ancillary services are available from most inspectors and what they mean. With this resource, you can decide what inspections you truly need to have done and why.

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