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How it works...

Site Visit

You schedule an appointment for an in-home review of the construction documentation, a visual inspection of the project location, and a quick discussion of your goals. We will arrange for the appropriate number of site visits and total of our fees at that point.


We inspect the project for the agreed upon number of site visits and provide you a written report of our findings for each visit. A walkthrough appointment is scheduled with you, us, and the contractor representative on the final inspection visit.

Follow Up

A project walkthrough is performed and any concerns, punch list items, and a schedule for final completion is arranged. An 11th Month Warranty Inspection is scheduled with all three parties. On completion of the warranty inspection a report is provided to you and all repairs can be scheduled.

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There's no risk because we have a...

If you aren't completely satisfied with our service, we'll refund twice the amount you invested in us as a way of apology for wasting your time.

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