Want More Repeat and referral Customers Than Any Other Real Estate Professional?
Give them something they'll use and share!
Home buyers don't normally buy a new house very often. That means you constantly need to prospect for customers to keep money coming in. By giving customers branded products they'll use often you make sure you're always top of mind when it's time for a referral or even their next home!

The Real Estate Resource Library includes:

Beyond Buying a Home

Covers everything that needs to be done from the time you think about getting a new home until you've begun your new life in your new digs.

Sell Your House Yourself

Nothing drives people to hire professionals like knowing the amount of work involved and the number of pitfalls to be avoided. This book lays out all the steps needed to FSBO as well as some options for hybrid methods.

Mortgage Loan Types

From elementary knowledge of how mortgage loans work to specifics on differrent programs. There is also information about alternative financing types beyond traditional bank loans.

Setting the Stage

The best way to stage a home to appeal to the largest buyer pool. Help homeowners avoid common mistakes.

Home Sale Deal Killers

Invaluable information about the most common causes of broken deals. This book covers contingencies as well as common mistakes that home buyers and sellers make.

Home Inspection Explained

The information that buyers and sellers need to know about home inspections, the different options available, and the items covered so that they can make informedpurchasing decisions.

Mortgage Appraisal Types

From what a home mortgage appraisal actually is to the exact items covered by loan type. The actual checklist the appraiser will use is included!
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