At Last, There's a Way to Plan, Design, and Specify Home Improvement Projects Without Wasting Time and Money!

Read on to find out what home improvement consulting is and how it benefits you.

Mark and Angela had watched their last child graduate college and had started to think about the next phase of their life. They had changed the use of some of the rooms in their house but felt like they wanted to make some bigger changes.
The house was dated overall. A few rooms were unused. They watched home improvement shows for ideas but had no clue how to make everything work together. At this point, they figured they had two choices.

Choice #1

They could call contractors and tell them what they wanted and collect quotes.

Choice #2

DIY their way along until everything was finished.

Both ways lead to frustration and stress!

What if you had a construction professional as a guide?

A good home improvement consultant can take your vague feelings and desires and turn them into a list of wants and needs. Those can then be translated into action items which will become specifications for the space you desire.
Now you can develop an accurate budget for the projects you have in mind. It's possible that an engineer or designer will be consulted at this point to make sure all design considerations and building codes are being accounted for.
Now a selection of contractors can be contacted to do a site visit, receive the specifications, and provide a firm quote. If necessary, references will also be collected and checked prior to choosing the professional that will complete the work.

Now you have a different set of choices...

Choice #1

Have the home improvement consultant be your representative and manage the project.

Choice #2

Manage the project yourself.

You Enjoy Zero Confusion, Zero Stress, and Zero Risk When We Help Plan Your Project!

Enjoy the confidence of our Risk-free Guarantee!

If you're not completely satisfied with the service we provide we'll double your investment in us as our way of apologizing for wasting your time.

Which will you choose?

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